New to Import / Export

Becoming involved in new services or markets can be daunting for any business. This is why here at Interspan we have a dedicated team to guide you through the whole process of importing and exporting.


New to Import

Whether it is personal use or for business purposes, importing goods can be a cheaper and more exciting option of buying any goods, and one that offers endless choice.

Regardless of previous import knowledge, you need to be aware of all the options available, including eligibility to claim any relief or exemptions, and how to minimise any surprise costs, when your goods reach the UK.

Imports from overseas are treated differently depending on whether the goods come from countries within the EU or from elsewhere. Within the EU, most goods can be imported with minimal customs control and, mostly, no import duty or VAT to pay.

Within the EU most goods are in free circulation. Importing goods from the EU is sometimes not termed as ‘importing’ – this is often referred to simply as a ‘movement’ of goods, or as an ‘acquisition’. The term ‘importing’ is often used with the implied meaning that the goods have come from outside the EU.

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New to Export

A very important element required to expand a business and increase the number of sales is export. Business is global and to be a part of it companies are targeting potential customers not just in the UK but worldwide.

Obviously when exporting your goods to different countries there are different rules and regulations to follow. We can help with all the required documentation as we have years of experience and expert knowledge of exporting goods globally.

As well as our own European road freight service, we provide air and sea freight to all major destinations worldwide. We also have a global network of trusted partners who help us to provide a quick and efficient service to ensure our customers’ goods are delivered on time and in perfect order.

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