Dangerous Goods and Special Products

Interspan offers a specialised transport solution for Hazardous and dangerous goods by road, air and sea. We have expert knowledge in this area which is highly important when dealing with such materials. We offer a safe, efficient and punctual service which comes very highly recommended.

Our Hazardous & Dangerous Goods services include:

  • High levels of expertise and care from collection through to delivery
  • DGSA – We have our own in house Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser
  • ADR – Fully qualified and compliant staff and vehicles to transport Dangerous and Hazardous freight
  • Destinations throughout the UK and Europe by road freight service
  • Worldwide destinations by air freight and sea freight
  • Hazardous groupage consignments
  • A range of dedicated ADR vehicles

Trust Interspan with your hazardous and dangerous goods transport requirements. You will be given the very best of service at prices that you will find very cost effective.

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Interspan provides the best transport in Dangerous and Hazardous Freight at the most cost effective rates.

If you would like a quote from a Dangerous goods specialist that genuinely cares about your freight, please call us on:

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