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Interspan’s Head Office is located in a modern bespoke office and warehouse facility in the heart of Trafford Park and we have been operational here since January 2007. Since then our services have been further enhanced and our productivity increased.

From inception we have built the business on providing industry leading levels of customer service, each point of contact be it with a customer, supplier or partner is an opportunity to excel & show why Interspan are different.

We do not let our customers, suppliers or partners down

Mark Irwin, Managing Director

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Recently Interspan Freight Solutions launched their new website - we hope you like it!

Please feel free to contact us on 0161 848 0070 for a quotation or for some friendly advice.

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Interesting Projects undertaken by Interspan

Shipment to Tanzania

We have recently arranged shipment of a micro light aircraft to Tanzania which is to attempt to fly duo over Kilimanjaro (the roof of Africa). It is a challenge bearing in mind it is the tallest free standing mountain in the world!

Our client is also hoping to take advantage of the favourable meteorological conditions and attempt a new world altitude record of 6876 metres (22,556 feet) and new world record time to climb to 6000 metres for this class of aircraft, best of luck!

In August 2006 we also shipped our client’s micro light to Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA. The micro light took flight to take aerial pictures of the world record attempt, land speed by diesel powered car, they achieved it reaching 365 mph!

Medical Supplies

Whilst in the region Interspan delivered urgent medical equipment to a local veterinary hospital and rescue centre which provides essential treatment for local farmer’s livestock, domestic animals, neglected animals and also for the local free ranging wildlife.